Dale specializes in personal leadership and works with individuals and organizations to create powerful relationships, fully utilize their unique abilities and operate authentically for greater personal impact so that they can lead themselves and their teams to boldly go beyond what they think is possible.
A self-professed overectionist, yes that is a combo of an overachiever and perfectionist, Dale knows the dark side of both and through her own self-discovery found the techniques that minimize that dark side and lead to greater productivity, clarity and self-satisfaction.  These are essentials of personal and professional leadership.
The 21st century calls for a new kind of leadership.  Whether it’s personal or professional, Dale’s interactive workshops, keynotes and coaching area designed to develop this new leadership.  Dale’s 20+ years of corporate experience and a decade of personal growth blend perfectly with her unique programs and dynamic delivery. 
Dale’s motto is – “whatever it is you’re doing have fun with it and be audacious”.