Who’s Driving the Bus?
by: Dale Choquette
Personal Leadership Specialist
You’re all set to go on a road trip. The car’s packed; you’ve got your GPS plugged in. You enter in the address and you see no address found. What???? You know the place exists, you’ve made reservations.
Does this sound like something you’ve experienced before? Maybe in your own city.
That’s exactly what happened to my husband and me last year in Arizona. Fortunately we had some directions from the hotel, but it still left us uncomfortable because we weren’t familiar with anything. That can happen in your personal life too.
Just like the GPS in your car, you have your very own PGS or your personal guidance system. Your GPS gives you directions to your destination on the road. Your PGS gives you directions to your journey in life. When you plug in your GPS it often shows you “acquiring satellite”. Just like your GPS, your PGS needs to have you acquire awareness in order for it to give you directions.
The awareness I’m talking about is knowing and understanding who you are, why you do what you do, your values and how you manage yourself and your life. That awareness of yourself gives you the tools to lead others whether it’s your children, your sports team or your team at work. How you lead yourself is how you lead others? 
If you aren’t driving the bus you’re not in control of getting to your destination.
To bring up that awareness take 5 minutes right now (or the first free moment you have) to sit down and do some introspection. Close your eyes and just breathe focusing on the breath. It doesn’t matter if nothing earth shattering happens you will start to be more conscious of yourself and who you are.
Remember, you want to be the one driving the bus. You want to be the one in charge of your destination.
Until next time – be audacious!