Keynote #1 – Turning Leadership Inside Out

What does leadership mean to you – power, influence, respect?  Or is it about empowering, teaching and coaching others?
Personal leadership is the key to leading others.  It’s about leading from the inside out.  The 21st century is inevitably moving all of us to a higher level of awareness. Will you move forward or stay behind?  Be the energy force that will create the changes the world so need.  Learn how to live and lead in alignment with your values, be authentic in all your actions and empower your group. 
With her flair for intensity sprinkled with humor, Dale will ignite the spark in you and your team so that together we can be the impetus for leading from within, turning leadership inside out and helping to re-shape our world, leaving it a better place for our children.
Who’s up for the challenge?


Keynote #2 – Excuse me I’m being Audacious

What comes to mind when you hear the word audacious?
If your mind goes to jumping out of planes or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro then you’re barking up the wrong tree.
There’s a new definition of living audaciously that you need to know about.  In this keynote you’ll discover what it is, if you have it and how you can get it.
With her unique sense of humor, Dale will help you discover what being audacious really is and how you can bring it into your workplace to better engage your people, enhance your work environment and have everyone saying – “excuse me I’m being audacious”.
Turn your organization into an audacious organization.