Your program made me question my dreams and why I wanted to realize them in my new life by the lake – my retirement.  I allowed myself to believe that I will live to 80 years old instead of 65 and realize many projects.

      - Charlotte C

What I learned from your program is that I must follow through on my plan.  Since then I have learned to say no.

      - Isabelle B

You provided me with the resources and ideas to continue pursuing self-actualization.

      - Miriam S, Administrator, Psychology

This program helped me to figure out what I want and how to get there.  It enabled me to realize that there are other priorities to find inner peace and happiness.

      - Christine L, Mother

After taking your program I have set my goals and started on my path to inner peace and happiness.  Thank you.

      - Denise N

I discovered that we all share the same problems and I know I am not alone.  Thank you.

      - Aline T, retired

This course helped me to ask myself some important questions and pointed me in the direction I need to go.

      - Sherry G, graphic designer

From this course I learned to push my boundaries and not to be afraid of the feelings that come up.

      - Julie B, Daycare Manager

Now I have a better way to understand myself and appreciate my life.  I now believe I deserve to be happy and have a fulfilling life.

      - Frances T

After this workshop, I am more focused on key life goals – career change, personal health, work-life balance and things that make me happy as well as inner peace.  I have reconnected with my husband and children.  You helped me acknowledge what resonates in me.  Thank you.

      - Tana G, Operations Manager

Your talk changed my life.

      - Antoine K, Engineer