The Curse of the Overectionist
Are you an overectionist?  And what the heck is an overectionist?
If you haven’t guessed it by now it’s a combination of an overachiever and a perfectionist.  What if you could set your goals and enjoy the ride?  What would it feel like to achieve bigger goals without struggling? 
While there are many good qualities in being both an overachiever and a perfectionist, the dark side can overshadow productivity, self-satisfaction and success.
Having conquered many of the pitfalls of both, in this workshop Dale will show you how you can shine the light on the dark side and remove its evil spell. 
Learn how to:
  •   Stop the insanity and get more done
  •   Dump self-judgment and appreciate your achievements
  •   Gain more personal happiness at work

Who’s Leading You?
Leadership is about to change – are you ready to take it on?
Leadership starts with know and understanding yourself.  This session is about leading yourself.  Personal leadership is a state of mind and heart.  It is a way of being. 
This workshop will challenge you to interact and act from the inside out rather than from the outside in.
  Find out how to:
  •   Strengthen personal and professional relationships
  •   Have greater personal impact
  •   Maximize your unique abilities

If it’s Monday, then I must be --- who?
Do you wish people would be more congruent with who they really are?
360 surveys are a great way to find out how people see you.  Do they always tell the truth?  What if you could go to work and just be you?  
Bring authenticity back to yourself and your organization with the workshop.  This amusing and entertaining workshop will challenge its participants.  If you’re ready to say “bring it on” Dale will deliver workshop like you’ve never had before. 
Discover how to:
  •   Be more influential by being authentic
  •   Gain better collaboration with your team
  •   Understand your team players to achieve amazing results